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Are you a shampoo person or a conditioner person?

By Kelly Glenn ·

I was catching up with a friend recently when I posed the question: "are you a shampoo person or a conditioner person?" "Umm.." she replied giving me a look likely normally reserved for someone being questioned if they had a third nipple, "..I use both." "DUH!" I replied, rolling my eyes at her and realizing that not all my friends (and everyone in the world for that matter) share the same enthusiasm and adoration for beauty products.

I guess what I meant to ask--in my agog beautyspeak--was which she felt was more important, because everyone uses both (duh!) except for those people who get away with using 2-in-1.

Which brings me to another beauty question I ponder.. who in the world uses 2-in-1? Someone must use it, brands keep making it. I've convinced myself that it's mainly used by men, or people who have such naturally gorgeous hair they could get away with using soap as shampoo and still look great. Seriously, next time you see someone buy 2-in-1 let me know if my theory is correct.

Back on topic. OK so I consider myself to be a conditioner person--my shower is chock full of expensive moisturizing conditioners, hydrating masks and every deep treatment under the sun. I won't even get into my leave-in obsession. But when it comes to shampoo I have maybe one or two bottles max.

I often spend upwards of $50 on the best conditioners, but when it comes to shampoo I usually just pick up whatever I find at the drugstore. Pantene, Suave.. whatever it all does the same thing to me.

Besides, you only leave it on for a few seconds before you rinse it all out--I can't imagine shampoo makes that big of difference. Perhaps that's because I only shampoo like once or twice a week, and even then most of the time I use a purple shampoo to keep my highlights looking fresh. The rest of the time I use one of my hundreds of dry shampoos.

What about you? Are you a shampoo person or a conditioner person?


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posted by 3/13/12

well...that's kinda funny to me cause one goes with the other....gottat shampoo....but if ya don't conditioner how the hell to you get a comb through ya hair?...so i guess i'm a conditoiner person?

posted by 3/13/12

hahah, let me pose it like this: if you were given the option of getting an expensive shampoo and cheap conditioner, or vice versa, which would you choose?

posted by 3/14/12

Definitely a conditioner person.

I co-wash more often than not. I only use shampoo when I feel like there is build up.

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