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Would you Rock Neon Sunblock?

By Kelly Glenn ·


neon sunscreen

Do you guys remember zinc? The day glo neon sunblock that was waterproof and super fun?

When I was little my aunt used to live in Southern California and I remember her bringing back some superfab zinc for me and my brother, apparently is was all the rage among the SoCal surfer crew and I could not wait to get my hands on it. It came in a stackable container with 3 neon colors: pink, green and yellow.

I'm pretty sure I wore it like warpaint, one stripe of neon pink down my nose and a green and yellow stripe on either side of my cheeks. All the neon this season totally reminded me of this. I'm pretty sure my mom hid it in her medicine cabinet to prevent what would otherwise be a neon-all-over-the-walls disaster.

I just loved that feeling of being so much cooler than my friends who didn't have access to the neon funtimes!

Anyway I researched (read: googled) and came across a brand called Zinka that makes neon zinc sunblock that you can buy still. Check it out: http://zinka.com/

My childhood self kind of wants to order some, just for fun. He he. Maybe I should take up surfing just so I can wear it.

Did you ever rock the neon zinc? Would you ever wear it to the beach?


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