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Kiss & Tell school of beauty: throw away your flat iron (and stop brushing your hair too)

By Kelly Glenn ·

flat iron hair damageVolume is the name of the game, and the name of the game is volume.

As you may have noticed I'm on a bit of a anti-flat hair tirade as of late. My most recent hair motto: throw away the flat iron and ditch the hair brush. Some of you might think I've gone absolutely mad but before you pass off my new aphorism as simply a lazy disregard hear me out: my new adage has left me with hair that is at least.. 43% more voluminous!

Boring flat hair. Yuck!Boring flat hair. Yuck!

One of my steadfast rules when it comes to hair, is to use as little heat styling as possible. When I use a flat iron I don't blow-dry before hand and vice versa. But air-drying my hair and then straightening it (as in the picture above) leaves my hair boring and flat.

So I've stopped flat ironing it altogether. Straight hair is boring. So to give my hair some much needed texture and volume I've started using a blow dryer again, but not the lame way EVERY. SINGLE. STYLIST. does it (with a round brush) giving me 60s bouffant hair--glam on Jackie O, not so much on me.

Luckily my stylist knows better, and instead she's taught me a great tip for getting volume. Start out with towel dried hair and aim the dryer nozzle at your roots, tousling them a bit until all your roots are dry.

Next grab that diffuser attachment for your blow dryer that (if your like me) you probably threw away or tossed into some drawer somewhere in your crawl space because WHY THE HECK DO I NEED THAT THING FOR MY HAIR ISN'T CURLY. Turns out it's not only for curly hair, and straight hair girls can totally use it too.

The trick is to grab sections of your hair and use the diffuser to kinda scrunch your hair into submission. This gives your hair some great wavy texture, which you don't get when you blow dry it straight.

By blow drying my hair this way, the waves are totally locked in and hair wont fall flat in an hour or two.

Hello waves!

My other suggestion for keeping your waves intact and not looking frizzy is to ditch the hair brush. OK maybe not completely--I still brush my hair as soon as I get out of the shower and apply a detangling leave in--if I didn't my hair would seriously be one GIANT DREADLOCK. But other then straight out of the shower I don't touch my hair with a brush at all.

So if your hair is flat and lamely boring like mine--don't be afraid to try out that diffuser attachment and DITCH THE FLAT IRON.

Who's with me? xo

posted by 3/31/12

I am right with you. I am all about air drying natural hair texture. Love to dry just my roots and let air dry rest of hair. Def try diffuser for extra volume. Flat ironing my hair leaves it so flat unless my stylist round brushes before hand.

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