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How to do a waterfall braid

By Kelly Glenn ·

water fall braid


How cute is this look? I love the boho trend, and braids are so hip right now. This half up/half down 'do is perfect for summer to keep that hair out of your face, but still looking totally chic.

You could wear it to one side like we did, or even try both for a perfect crown tiara style. You could even rock it for prom, or something more formal by pulling the ends into a low chignon for a chic style with a boho touch. Best of all it looks complicated, but it's easy to do.. promise!  

This was actually my second try, I think it turned out amazing! Within a few minutes we had people asking how it was done, and If I was a professional stylist *he he* nope, I'm just a beauty blogger with a love of trying out new things.

how to waterfall braid

This is my 'model' and best friend Britt, she has long hair with a bit of a wave to it, which works really well for the look. It also looks great on straight hair, or you could even curl the ends into loose waves. If you have fine hair you might want to start out with a texturizing spray to give the hair just a little bit of hold power, it'll make braiding a lot easier.

First you wanna start with a section of hair at the front, and start out braiding like you would for a french braid (3 sections, right piece over the center, then left piece over the center.)

Now here's the tricky part, You want to drop the section of hair at the bottom and let it hang loose to create the waterfall effect. I had Britt hold on to that section just to make sure it stayed out of the way.

Then you wanna gather a new section of hair, and continue the braid using the new section, dropping the bottom section each time and gathering a new section of hair.

We finished the braid with a small clear elastic, you could also use bobby pins to keep it in place.

As I said, this was our second go and I think it turned out totally cute! So don't give up if you don't get it right away, you'll get the hang of it.

Happy braiding !!

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posted by 5/09/11

i love trying out new hair styles too. too bad i can't try this on me since I just cut off my long long hair. time to make the sister my victim!

posted by 5/10/11

That's so beautiful :)

posted by 5/10/11

@idakz How fun! Short hair is so cute for summer! haha and I'm sure your sister won't mind, who doesn't love getting their hair done right? xo

@beautyprincess Thank you so much! It's really simple to do, promise!! :) xo

posted by 5/13/11

I love this kind of braids, but I didn't know how to do them, I'm going to prove it with your tips. Thank you! :)


posted by 5/13/11

You can do it! I'd love to see a pic @ustylea

posted by 5/14/11

That's gorgeous!!!!

posted by 5/21/11

Thank you!! :)

posted by 6/15/11

nicee! i wanna try it tooo (: hope i will succeed.. hehe

posted by AlexandriaRae 9/05/11

I saw this last night and i didnt even know how to do it. I just tried it on my Grandma:) haha gotta love the grandmas......but i did it and it looked beautiful. But i looked at your blog and read how to do it and realized that i did it right. Can I do It on my own hair.??

posted by 9/29/11

I find it harder to do on my own hair but it's definitely possible

posted by Anonymous 10/11/11

you can do it with really short hair too. I've seen people do it with just their bangs

posted by 7/05/12

that looks hard to do :)

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