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How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

By Kelly Glenn ·

Some say that glitter is the herpes of craft supplies --spreads like wildfire and never goes away. Glitter can be so annoying.

Also annoying is trying to remove glitter nail polish. I know, you thought it would be so cute to rock some glittered up nails for the holidays.. all fancy shmancy until it comes time to take the polish off and it just. won't. go. away. UGH.

I like to think of glitter polish as the needy ex-gf of nail polishes that just won't leave you alone.

Lucky for you I have a super-duper easy trick for getting rid of the stuff using things you probably have lying around, so lets get to it and show that glitter who's boss.

What you'll need: nail polish remover, cotton pads (balls, whatever!) cut in half, aluminium foil (say it the British way, it's fancier)

Step 1: Soak the cotton pads in remover and apply to your finger tips.

Step 2: Wrap cotton pad covered finger tips in aluminium foil. This might make you feel like an alien, but just trust me: it works!

Step 3: Wait 5 minutes.

Step 4: Remove. The glitter should come right off, easily.

It really is easy to get rid of.. if only all glitter was like this.



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