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Get rid of yellowed nails once and for all

By Kelly Glenn ·

Do you ever find that your nails have become yellowed? And I don't mean yellow in the cute way, like the bright nail polish trend last spring started by Rihanna, I mean when you remove bright or dark nail polish to reveal a left behind yellowish tinge on your nails. Yuck. BTW--whatever you do, don't research your yellow nail problem on WebMD unless you want to be convinced you've got jaundice, or diabetes, or both.

Yellow-stained nails are awful, but there's a few ways you can deal with the problem. The first, and my personal favorite, is to paint over it and pretend it doesn't exist. But then again I have ADHD and that pretty much makes me lack proper diligence and attention. Maybe I should call my blog Don't Do What I Do. Learn From My Lame Mistakes. Hate the Industry, but Love it Anyway. Sigh.

If I were a responsible young adult (which I sometimes am, honestly) I would probably use a good base coat and a non-yellowing top coat. Prevention is key here, as it is much of the time.

But if you've already dun goof'd don't worry, you can whiten your nails with things you probably have laying around your house (mansion. apartment. shack. whatever!) First option is whitening toothpaste, not only does it help you smile brighter, but if you work it into your nails it works serious magic removing stains there too.

My last solution is to mix some lemon juice with baking soda making a paste. Apply it to your nails and let sit for 15-20 minutes (or, if you're me, however long you can manage to sit still) and your nails should be noticeably whiter and looking fab.

posted by AnonymousG. 2/24/12

After painting my nails for month and months without a rest, my nails became yellow. It was gross. Since then leave my nails about 2 days a week without nail polish, just breathing. And my nail look normal again! + they get to breath and it makes them stronger - in my case.

posted by 2/24/12

Awesome! I really can't remember the last time I've let my nails breathe a bit--maybe I should do that.

posted by 2/24/12

thanks for the tips! anyway i was thinking if there was any tips for preventing weak nails.. sometimes my nails will "peel" like the top layer will peel off abit..from the tip of my nails.. ):

posted by 2/24/12

Have you tried nail vitamins? I've heard good things about Viviscal (for hair but it helps nails get stronger, too)

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