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Dry and Straightened Hair in One Easy Step with Remington’s Wet2Straight Flat Iron

By Kelly Glenn ·


I must admit, using a flat iron on wet hair is a concept that kinda freaks me out a little. Most flat irons come with a warning NOT to use them on wet hair, but Remington’s Wet2Straight is meant for wet hair or dry hair.

A little bit about me: I am -not- a morning person. Waking up extra early to blow dry and straighten my hair is probably one of my least favorite tasks. So much so that I’ve been known to leave the house with *gasp* damp hair on occasion. Not to mention the damage that blow drying AND straightening on the daily wreaks on my hair.

So with a little apprehension I put the Wet2Straight to the test in hopes it would give me great dry flat ironed hair in one easy step.

I’ve now been using this flat iron for over a month now and it totally works great, saving my hair and minutes of beauty sleep! I’m actually amazed at how much shine I get from using this little tool, and if you have highlighted/bleached hair you know just how hard shine is to come by!

A few tips:

I find the flat iron works best on damp hair, not soaking wet. Take a few minutes to put on your makeup or grab a cup of coffee and your hair should be ready to go.

When holding the flat iron, you want to make sure your hands are at the sides (holding it like you would a sandwich) not at the top where the steam comes out. Otherwise you could burn yourself from the steam and, well, that wouldn’t be good would it?

I love how the flat iron has adjustable heat settings. Lower settings are great for already dry hair, and the higher ones for drying wet hair. You might need to play around with the settings for a bit in order to find one that works best for your hair. Think of it as a sleep number bed: my fine thin hair only requires a #25 setting to dry and straighten my hair, but my friends thicker fuller hair needs to be bumped up to a #28.

I find that 2 swipes through my hair makes it completely dry and straight. and as I mentioned, something about this iron really helps lock in that shine.

Check out my video on Youtube for a tutorial: http://youtu.be/iHSJbWPfdKo

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